Saturday, September 4, 2010

MSFW shift two: Designer Series 4.

Designer series two included above, ALPHA60, Carly Hunter, Claude by Claude Maus, FAT, Jack London, Limedrop, Tesla and Trimapee. There were less changes for this show than Thursday night (3 compared to 8) and the outfits were a bit easier to put on. The only tricky one being the first outfit by above which was a shortie jumpsuit which was really baggy but had this tie bit that had to be twisted at the front and then wrapped around her waist and tied at the back. My model Mallory was super nice and just about to go to New York for campaign season - so good luck to her :)

Mallory in above

Mallory in Tesla

Mallory in Claude Maus

A couple of looks from FAT


Peace, love and posion.

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