Sunday, August 29, 2010

have some hart

this. this is my gym inspiration, and a really cute swimsuit! Love Jess Hart.

Peace, love and poison.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Anja Rubik for H&M interspersed with some other inspirational images, so amazing...

I'm just regenerating after a big night out, gearing up for spring fashion week. Bag packing tomorrow, love this time of year!

Via Fashion Gone Rogue, assorted tumblahs

Peace, love and poison.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

new digs.

Apart from the obvious things that are exciting about a semester abroad, meeting new people, seeing new things, going to new places, buying new clothes (big +) one of the main things i'm excited about is living in my own place and being able to decorate how i want. This is what i plan to do with my space!












Where to buy crystals:

The Crystal Matrix Healing & Learning Center
3215 Glendale Blvd. Los Angeles

8500 Melrose Ave #105 West Hollywood

Bohemian Crystal
812 So. Maple Ave. Los Angeles

Some inspiring interior design blogs:

Credits to: and google images.

Peace, love and poison.

Monday, August 23, 2010

around the world

Travel tips from models, they definitely fly often enough to be seen as experts, 85 times in a year!?!

See more videos on

See more videos on

Peace, love and poison.

wowza styestalker/shanay hall just rocking it

Wipe Out Collection from stylestalker on Vimeo.

the cut outs, the neoprene, the colour. so wearable, so awesome, am planning to diy the cut out dress. can not wait much longer for summer, luckily in two weeks i jet off to the states, bring on 30degree weather!

Peace, love and poison.


loving the hair, and that sass and bide!

Peace, love and poison.

she drew the long straw

Drew has been knocking them out of the park lately, man, 35 looks good on her. I'm loving her hair and that amazing lipstick in the first shot. I can only hope i'll be looking this great when i'm her age! 

Peace, love and poison.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

botanical baby

lady botanica

My picks from the collection, via knightcat


Peace, love and poison.

Friday, August 20, 2010

a shot of Vod and a splash of colour

Natalia Vodianova by mert & marcus for forum spring 2011 campaign

beautiful shoot.

Peace, love and poison.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

thursday night lights

i'm past being sad.. 

Peace, love and poison.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

things that are making me happy right now

a couple of things which are currently making me smile

my new boots which i plan to style like this:

hair streaks i bought for $2

purple hairspry so i can dip dye the ends of my hair

new gold studs..not sure what i'll stud just yet.

a new horoscope necklace, hard to see with the flassh but there is the word gemini, a peace sign, a twins symbol and a crystal which can all be removed, think i'll most likely wear it with just the crystal attached.

like so

new stella mum bought in bali duty free

assorted rings, inc. my new knuckle duster bar

abraham lincolns my dad gave me which have me so excited for the us of a

finding out i was accepted as a volunteer for MSFW 2010 out of 600 applicants they picked around 80

i'll be working backstage on 

Designer Series 3

    and Designer Series 4

    as well as the RMIT shows. so excited!

    Peace, love and poison.

      how, i am blazing fire

      So i went to a Wild West themed cocktail night last week, as an indian. I made my dress out of some taupe material and some metallic and fringed trim. So the first time i sewed it may have been skin tight around my butt and thighs, had to add some material to the sides so i could walk and dance in it, oops! Added a diva plaited suede hair wrap with peacock feather detail and some fringing tied round my wrists and i was set. There were a couple other indians there and the indian chief - my friend darby - named me blazing fire and gave me an axe to cause some trouble with as well as a feather as a 'rite of passage' haha. Such a fun night! am planning to make a neutral coloured maxi skirt with the excess material..

      my original inspiration

       diva headpiece

       the fact that the dress is now in need of repair is just more of a sign of how much fun i had haha

      Peace, love and poison.