Wednesday, August 18, 2010

things that are making me happy right now

a couple of things which are currently making me smile

my new boots which i plan to style like this:

hair streaks i bought for $2

purple hairspry so i can dip dye the ends of my hair

new gold studs..not sure what i'll stud just yet.

a new horoscope necklace, hard to see with the flassh but there is the word gemini, a peace sign, a twins symbol and a crystal which can all be removed, think i'll most likely wear it with just the crystal attached.

like so

new stella mum bought in bali duty free

assorted rings, inc. my new knuckle duster bar

abraham lincolns my dad gave me which have me so excited for the us of a

finding out i was accepted as a volunteer for MSFW 2010 out of 600 applicants they picked around 80

i'll be working backstage on 

Designer Series 3

    and Designer Series 4

    as well as the RMIT shows. so excited!

    Peace, love and poison.


      1. I love the shoes to pieces, may I ask where you got them?

      2. rubi rubi rubi rubi, for all the aussies out there :)