Wednesday, August 18, 2010

how, i am blazing fire

So i went to a Wild West themed cocktail night last week, as an indian. I made my dress out of some taupe material and some metallic and fringed trim. So the first time i sewed it may have been skin tight around my butt and thighs, had to add some material to the sides so i could walk and dance in it, oops! Added a diva plaited suede hair wrap with peacock feather detail and some fringing tied round my wrists and i was set. There were a couple other indians there and the indian chief - my friend darby - named me blazing fire and gave me an axe to cause some trouble with as well as a feather as a 'rite of passage' haha. Such a fun night! am planning to make a neutral coloured maxi skirt with the excess material..

my original inspiration

 diva headpiece

 the fact that the dress is now in need of repair is just more of a sign of how much fun i had haha

Peace, love and poison.

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