Sunday, February 28, 2010

Friday, February 26, 2010

i eat glitter for breakfast lunch and tea


c'est pas beau - tumblr

kelly smith, vogue

annie: care of tessa jay, circa now

harley viera-newton - the cobra snake


katty - the cobra snake


i am completely floored by how cruel one of the people i used to consider a friend was the other day...oh well, good riddance to bad rubbish.

on a happier note:

 credit: unknown, knightcat (?) wildfox

Friday, February 19, 2010



karlie kloss for vogue china

causing some mischief

going on a roadtrip to the country with my friends for a party :) gonna cause some trouble.

you know you got that

fransisco lachowski, james righton from the klaxons :)

Thursday, February 18, 2010

alexa for madewell

like most fashion bloggers/young women/humans out there i love alexa chungs style so im so excited to see her collection for all looks just like something she would wear...adorable. Daisy lowe is pretty kick-ass too

dolla dolla bill y'all

i'm rather partial to a good face of makeup so thought i would showcase my favourite nyfw beauty looks:

i loved the dark matte mulberry lip at proenza schouler

A. wang, oscar de la renta and cushnie et ochs all went with a reddish brown plum-like shade on eyes..kinda cool.

DVF and betsey johnston went with sex-bomb black eyes

on a completely unrelated note how beautiful did magdalena fracowiak look at ralph lauren?! natural perfection

photo credits: bella sugar australia


Behati Prinsloo for Flair Mag, i think this is an old editorial but i don't even care i love behati, one of my favourite models. the styling is awesome and as it is starting to get colder in the southern hemisphere this is how i will be dressing for autumn..

anyone have a bucket or a hose?

Abbey Lee is on fire! amazing Vogue russia shoot, upcoming vogue USA and 19 shows in nyfw for fall 10. wow. every outfit she is put in she manages to make it look stunning, she has fierce street-style and seems to be smart and well-spoken. if we were ever going to see the resurgence of the supermodel she would have to be one of them.

what they did next

proenza schouler fall 2010, i love that in the sea of blacks that is fall fashion week so far they are still using some great colour.

the dark lips are also swoon-worthy..

fashion festival ooooh


beauty everywhere, sorry for being a D- blogger, ive been super dooper busy, having an interview for LMFF volunteering tomorrow morning, woo fashion week, wish me luck! xx

p.s i love both outfits in the 2nd pic

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

sincere apologies..

I've been a bad blogger lately..all these hours im working have me feeling completely drained, i have no inspiration i hope i'll be back in action next week..

oh and that quiet weekend reading vogue ended up with a huge night out, oops!

p.s i love the hair and anklets on those two girls!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

im going stir crazy

i've been working so much i'm so keen for a massive night of partying but that would kinda make these few weeks of saving redundant..oh well. im so desperately looking forward to a relaxed weekend with my new issue of vogue..ahhh abbey-lee!
here are some pretty things i have found tonight: