Thursday, September 2, 2010

MSFW shift one: Designer Series 3.

So tonight i had my first shift dressing for MSFW. The Designers were Life With Bird, Nevenka, Nicolangela, Bettina Liano, Gorman, Alice Mcall, Arabella Ramsay, Obus, Wayne Cooper. The stylist was the lovely and super talented Kate Gaskin. My model was Aimee Hurst (one of the twins who won the 2007 girlfriend model comp) she had a couple of really nice outfits, will try and update as they appear on the internet. But unfortunately in the second show she got a major leg cramp and had to sit out for two outfits. So there i was rubbing her leg as she waited to walk out onto the runway. But she was a trooper and finished the show well :)

 Aimee in LifeWithBird

All the girls had to wear super bright blue contacts

Aimee in Arabella Ramsay

My Fave look from Arabella

Probably my favourite designer of the night was Alice Mcall, super pretty florals, sequins and classic white shirts/dresses.

My absolute favourite outfit of the night was probably the shorts in the floral (couch cover style) material above with a white shirt (in the material below) which i'll post a pic of as soon as one surfaces!

Kate Peck

Olivia in my favourite Life With Bird look

Jade in Life With Bird jumpsuit.

Aimee's Gorman outfit

Aimee in Nicolangela

 Wayne Cooper

and the Obus outfit Aimee was originally supposed to wear which didn't look right on her so they gave it to Lucy, the festivals' face.


So exhausted, so fun, so ready to do it all again tomorrow.
Peace, love and poison.

Pic Credits all

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