Monday, September 6, 2010

MSFW shift three: RMIT Dangerous Goods

Saturday night i worked backstage on The RMIT dangerous goods show. The design were so interesting and many of them really innovative! So much attention to detail meant the spec sheets were covered with complicated instructions on how each piece should be worn making dressing a little bit trickier. My model was Emily G and some of her outfits are posted below. My favourite outfit of hers was the first one in the first show which i haven't found a picture of but will be sure to post if i do.

The look below, with the light up snake was a part of a collection which seemed very avatar inspired, using coloured bauble and lights, which i'm sure would have looked amazing, under the lights of the runway.

I also really liked these pieces using silk and the blue neoprene outfits.

If you took away the tube part the bodysuit underneath was a little bit awesome.

All pics

Peace, love and poison.

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