Sunday, September 5, 2010


new girl crush, this chick, Lily Melrose of

i actually came across this blog doing a simple google search on ombre hair and her diy tutorial (which you can watch below) came up. I'm so happy it did because she is awesome, if you watch her vids you can see she seems really nice.

Reasons Lily is my new girl crush:

1. i love her style, she mixes high and low fashion/prints and volumes excellently and her style is completely accessible for the average girl. Most of the things she wears seem to be ASOS, New look and Topshop.

2. love her makeup, it's pretty, natural and glowing, absolutely the way i aim to look, she also does a perfect winged eye, daily.

3. love her voice, its kinda soothing and very warm.

4. love that she has, in the last year, lost 20lbs (9kgs) by eating healthily and going to the gym, something to be proud of!

5. she's just fucking gorgeous to be honest.


Peace, love and poison.

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