Monday, June 21, 2010

mixed bag.

i went for a run today pretty much the first time all winter, it killed me but i forgot how great it felt to have your lungs burning and blood pumping through your body, especially on a cold night.  so alive.

she was a skater girl

Keke Lindgard by Knoepful & Indlekofer for Vogue Germany July 2010

 definitely making a cross like that for the back of a t-shirt with my left over leopard material!

i need a tan...

 and maybe an itty bitty star tattoo or at least a tattoo pen.

ohhh, that hair!

and this little fella, I've been tossing up whether i should shell out the $150 for a dolphin swim/feeding in Hawaii and I've decided it is so worth it.. dolphins have been my favourite animal since i was a toddler.

also my bad quality bambi photos of my cleo mag are being blogged and reblogged on tumblr haha

Peace, love and poison.

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  1. I love that cross on her shirt & I need a tan too! I've come to the conclusion that my skin actually repels the sun.
    Hehe, & sorry but I just read your comment on my blog from SO long ago because I haven't been posting. I don't even know if you remember but you said this:
    "gorgeous top! thanks for following me - just followed you then :) i'm from australia and coming to the USA for the fall quarter, are you from NY? where are the best places to shop?"

    I want to go to Australia so badly! & Yes I'm from New York. As for shopping, There's of course, 5th Ave., Madison + there are a lot of commercial stores around 34th and Broadway but if I were you I'd take time and explore the Village and Soho and see what you find ;D That's the best way to shop anyway!

    xx, Melissa