Friday, June 18, 2010

friday night and i'm feeling fine

i have had the most relaxing evening i've had in a long while. Read through my new cleo magazine sipping T2 strawberries and cream and feasting on a lindt cafe milk chocolate macaroon, so delicious.

Today i had my one and only exam for the semester so i am now free from study until late September, and when i do start again i'll be in LA so i think that might make it a little easier to deal. After my exam i headed to Chadstone to look into a new debit and credit card as well as buy a new pair of ballet flats for work. I happened to stumble upon this awesome ring from sportsgirl.

The shop assistant, after i told her i was so happy to find it and surprised that Sportsgirl hadn't started stocking full-finger and knuckle duster rings earlier, told me she thought they were weird and to "have fun with your little knuckle-duster." umm, thanks, i will. haha.

Also, despite the fact that saving for the USA means i can't be buying nice new things i stopped into sass and bide where they had some jeremy scott-esque pieces with crosses and keys attached. I decided to stop by spotlight on the way home thinking i could easily find something similar to diy a top or dress in the same style (as well as buy some leopard print material to make a skirt i've been looking for with no success) and they had, i kid you not the exact same charms $2.50 a packet..but with 20% off for the sale. Bulls eye.

So i have a very busy weekend of projects ahead of me!! Hope everyone enjoys their weekends. 
Peace, love and poison.

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