Friday, June 18, 2010

around about

some random shots around my room:

one of the perks of having a cousin who designed for ripcurl and the other sponsored for surfing by them is that every birthday christmas and in-between i get ripcurl goodies. My cousin gave me this travel wallet for my birthday last week!

Two necklaces i've been wearing non stop lately the left is a little blue bottle from diva which i plan to fill with sand from venice beach, or maybe cabo, or both. The one on the right an H i got from a market in a bar in bondi, i added the cross which my mum bought me in Croatia last year. i love that its a bit different with the blue and pink paint spatters.

one of my other ripcurl freebies with a mickey mouse pin from my visit to euro disney in 2007.

one of my favourite model backstage pics from my collage on my cupboards.

the sombrero from a recent trip to taco bills for girls night fishbowls and burritos.

my fire place with a wooden H i picked up today.

my new netbook that my parents bought for my birthday, i called it edward cullen because it sparkles in the sunlight, literally, it has specks of blue glitter in it.

birthday presents from my amazing friends, DKNY pure perfume, Pandora charms, Sportsgirl nail polish and an Oroton chain cuff. 

Peace, love and poison.

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