Tuesday, January 5, 2010

avatar 3d

Anniemal's post on avatar got me all inspired... just got back from the movie and it was amazing, my favourite movie by far.my brother pointed out that the plot is very similar to pocahontas but seeing as i havent seen pocahontas i dont even care.. the story, characters, music and effects were perfect..i especially loved the vibrant colours of the forest and the little creatures that spun which were like fireflies..amazingly beautiful..

I can definitely see how avatar could inspire fashion and beauty trends. the braided hair with feather and leather wrap detailing:

the vibrant colours are sure to have an impact on future prints:

also call me crazy but i really think Carmen from Storm Models looks a lot like Neytiri, i think it may be the nose..

oh and couldn't do an avatar post without a quick pic of Sam Worthington! If you haven't seen him in somersault check it out, great film

image credits: the cobra snake, anniemal.blogspot.com, leemens n wicker, justjared, storm model management and a few right click saves i cant remember where from..


  1. well I wasn't going to go see it (fantasy is not really my thing) but I keep hearing so many good things about it, I think now I might have too! Thanks for the hair advice too :)

  2. wow that model with storm does look kind of like that! funny! great blog :)



  3. No problems Luccie, i saw your posts since you had it done, looks good!

    and thanks Natalie! :)