Friday, January 15, 2010

New year, new me

so i kinda skipped the whole new years post. resolutions and all that shit but then i came across and decided to send myself an email, in the future. i figured if i was going to send future me a message i should remind myself of a few essentially this is a resolution post just a few weeks late. i've been a little busy having the best vacation ever in sydney: bondi beach, the ivy, glebe market, little korea, Mojos tapas and sangria, mmm...okay back to the point.

1. eat healthier, healthy food actually tastes better and is obviously a lot better for me

2. walk more, you used to like walking, lots, remember it clears the mind

3. stand up straight, your posture is shit but if you stand up straighter you will look taller yay

4. whiten teeth

5. save more money, an amazing Hawaii/LA trip is riding on this one, no more unnecessary purchases!!!

6. don't let yourself get upset when people aren't as awesome as you think they should be, your standards are probably too high.


did anyone else make resolutions? have you stuck to them so far? x

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