Monday, January 10, 2011

more of the trip of a lifetime

So i've been meaning to post some more photos from my trip to the US including some of the clothes i bought.. and without further ado here it is.

with one of my favourite sisters, sweta, at a halloween party!

 Anne Klein boots

 Urban Outfitters boots

 Steve Madden shoes

 More Steve Madden shoes

H&M Leather skirt

 Material Girl from Macys Jumper

 Denim Shirt Urban Outfitters

 Angl Dress

 Urban Outfitters Backpack

 Kitson Pencil Case

 F21 Wallet

 Chocolate for my friend

 New rusty neoprene bathers

 Bracelet from Wasteland vintage at Haight and Ashbury

 Topshop Earrings

 Assorted Rings

 H&M black lace dress

 F21 Grey dress

 F21 Burberry style Dress

 Hollister Cut-offs

 The amazing suitcase that my big, Kellie, bedazzled for me :)

 My rug from Kel
 Pimp cup from Kellie

 With my sis, Jackie, at Disneyland Date Party

 At Jewmanji party with Katie and Sweta

 View from my room in Cabo

 Beaches of Cabo

 One of the hotel pools


San Jose Del Cabos Church

 Stall on venice beach

 Sourdough turtles at Boudin's bakery San Fransisco

 Haight and Ashbury Tee shop


 Haight and Ashbury corner

 Thanksgiving Dinner, made it ourselves

 At Newport Beach, OC

 My family line

 With Wacky Jackie

At presents with Caitlin and the sign kel made me

DG Ugly Sweater Christmas Party! Love these girls!

 Walking along Isla Vista, SB at Halloween

 With Katie and the gingerbread man

 An SB Sunset

 With Ness.

 Chilling at Hogsmeade with some ButterBeer


 The Liberty Bell

 Macy's Christmas Lights, Philly

 White house with my brother


 Amazing Granola with fruit and pancakes from the Cafeteria, huge food recommendation in NYC!

 Rockefeller Christmas Tree

 Bryant Park!

Marie's cookies

...and cupcakes.

Amazing trip! All photos taken on my Nikon D3000

Peace, Love and Poison.

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