Saturday, January 1, 2011

i'm ready for a new years revolution

So I'm home from my exchange to America and an awesome new years eve at Falls. Now in recovery mode. I had intended to blog a lot more while in America but i was so busy and having such a great time that it would have been a shame to be sitting at a computer instead of meeting amazing new people and experiencing all the beautiful places.

It's a new year and i'm pretty damn excited for what 2011 will bring. My 2010 was awesome but i can't wait for all the fun things that are happening for me in 2011. First off i have two weeks ofa work experience, one at Cosmopolitan magazine and the other with Cleo. Then i'm heading back to Cali to visit my sisters there for a month which should be rad. I also finish uni this year which is pretty exciting because i feel like i'm ready for the next part of my life.

I hope everyone had an excellent new years and has an even more fantastic 2011. My resolutions for this year (apart from the standard - eat better, exercize more, be a better person etc) are to blog more, get as much work experience as possible and to not sweat the little stuff and enjoy the good times more... after all haters gonna hate...

I'll be doing a bit of a wardrobe spring (summer) clean in the next few days and probably take some photos of the finished product and some of my new purchases from the US!

Peace, love and poison.

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