Friday, July 30, 2010

new buys

have been meaning to post pics of my hogwarts knuckleduster for a while, get lots of comments on it and i love it :) kind of hard to see with the glare from the flash but yeah.

i've been looking for a khaki green shirt or jacket for ages and was planning to hold out til i got to the US but just couldn't help myself and caved to buy this lightweight anorak version, it has a hood and looks great with every single dress i tried it with- white lace, black jersey, floral print. as well as the green draped skirt (and a peachy pink one i also bought) that reminds me a little of the burberry spring skirts, a nice cheaper alternative..

 apologies for crappy quality

my two fave disney couture necklaces
my new skull scarf (from a few weeks ago when my cousin visited from sydney)

i wore this today doing a few things, coffee with a friend, buying red cups and other goodies for my usa party which is tonight - hersheys kisses and hugs, cherry coke and ben and jerrys phish food. yum. am having a us themed going away party, hopefully people show up, and in costume, hate not knowing how many people are going to come..and i haven't seen lots of uni peeps in a while other than for a little bit thursday night...
will post about the party tomorrow :)

Peace, love and poison.

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