Saturday, April 3, 2010

kicking ass and taking names

So this post has taken a while but anyway.. i volunteered for loreal melbourne fashion festival and it was so so fun! backstage and dressing confirmed that this is exactly what i want to do with my life. i worked backstage at sidewalk unzipped, spotlight style celebration with dhav naidu, sarah gale and fernando barraza, the mini me show and the target rocks red market show, met whitney port, so nice and so pretty! and my model was jade who i went to primary school with, great week! to top off these few weeks of fun i found out i got accepted for my exchange to the university of california, im so excited and already planning weekend trips to san fran, cabo and vegas not to mention end of quarter trips to orlando, miami and nyc! xx

pic 1: my model Jade on the left, pic 2: sidewalk unzipped models, pic 3: my model Todd in replika revolution, pic 4: my model Todd on the left in Industrie Kids

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  1. wow you're going to cali!! that is amazing babe, well done.